Benefits of Orangery Conservatory Roofing

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Benefits of Replacement Conservatory Roofing

How to improve your orangery or conservatory (ideas)

There are quite a few benefits to replacing the roof on your orangery or conservatory, both financial and aesthetic – save on a full replacement home extension, save on your energy bills, improve the look and enjoy the room all year round.

  • Warmer in the winter – heat loss reduced
  • Cooler in the summer – heat build-up from direct sunlight eliminated
  • reduces or eliminates condensation
  • Heat loss reduced in winter & heat build-up reduced
  • Rain noise & wind noise all but totally disappears
  • Most jobs can be completed in under 7 days
  • 10 year insurance backed guarantees & life expectancy of 60 years on tiles

Benefits of Orangery Conservatory RoofingThe facts of the matter are this, full glass roofing is great to look at and for some homes it is perfect, but if you are one of the orangery conservatory owners who suffer from overheating & excess cold in your conservatory, then upgrading to a super lightweight tiled roof could be the answer to your problems.

Bear in mind, that you may need planning permission and meet building regulations to do this, if you fall foul of these guidelines:

  1. The maximum height for conservatory on the rear of your house is no more than four metres when fitting a single storey conservatory.
  2. Less than half of the new wall and three quarters of the roof is either glazed or translucent material.

Are you struggling to think of what to use your orangery or conservatory for?

Well, as one of the central social points of a home, the kitchen is well suited to be placed in your new orangery or conservatory.

An orangery, being more substantial than a conservatory, with more solid walling, is particularly ideal for that kitchen you always promised yourself – take a look here: