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November 12, 2018
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November 19, 2018
Upvc Sliding Patio Door Prices and Types.

Use a Sliding Patio Door Specialist – Why Settle For Second Best

One of the most frequent complaints about replacement doors and windows companies is that they can rarely be bothered to follow up their visits with a quotation. What chance is there then that they will set about providing anything but the standard products they churn out year after year and which they know a high percentage of their customers will settle for?

Why would we think that these companies would worry too much about assuring an accurate fit and a decent after sales service?

Upvc Sliding Patio Door Prices and Types.

There are a plethora of doors and windows companies on the high street who compete for the spend of the thousands upon thousands of home owners who decide to change their doors and windows each year. With the property market awash with lower end housing, whose owners have to stretch their budgets to change their doors and windows, there will always be a huge pool of customers looking for a good deal. With very little to choose between one company and another, price becomes a significant factor in deciding from whom these home improvement products are bought and this gives rise to adequate, but not outstanding, products with price margins obliterated by competition and a resulting drop in service standards.

In some cases, a door will need to be replaced because it has been damaged or because it is old and no longer satisfactory. It is very easy to find basic residential doors in DIY shops and fit them yourself and often that is the best and cheapest option if it is a standard door that is required. Average patio doors are a staple diet of replacement windows companies, most notably in uPVC or aluminium, as they require more complicated fitting and are not so likely to be purchased at a DIY store or online. Doors purchased from the average high street replacement window company do tend to be at the lower end in terms of quality and cost.

So, what if you want an impressive door to make a statement, to be exceptionally secure or to perform more sophisticated functionality such as one of the latest superb and flexible bifold doors might? What if you don’t know what you want yet but know you don’t want what is offered on the high street? This is when it is far more efficacious to move away from the high street and look elsewhere.

Upvc Sliding Patio Door Prices and Types.A good specialist door company will be able to demonstrate many different kinds of doors, including the latest in folding and sliding doors, and will be able to suggest new products such as aluminium clad timber which has some fantastic advantages. They are likely to have the knowledge that enables them to build a door you can be really proud of and their experience will help them to assist you in developing your ideas. In addition, a specialist will be able to match your existing doors and windows, so avoiding the need to replace items that are perfectly serviceable.

Doors with any moving parts are highly vulnerable to forced entry. In addition, to be guaranteed to last for many years, any mechanisms must incorporate the very best technology. Serious door specialists have a reputation to uphold, understand the available technology and can sell their products at a price which allows for using it. Built and fitted correctly, a moving door should give a lifetime of trouble free use.

Look for a company whose products are a combination of hand build by craftsmen for a perfect finish and machine build for a perfect fit: fit is critical to ensuring freedom from draughts and meeting environmental standards – there is little point in installing fabulous thermally efficient glass if the wind will be howling in through the gaps!

The only disadvantage of using a reputable door specialist is that they may charge more for their products. However, this does not mean you have to make a leap –  equivalent in the replacement doors world of going from Claire’s Accessories to Tiffany to buy a necklace.

You can buy beautiful, exclusive products from independent door manufacturers who take pride in their work and in their service levels. You may pay a premium, but access to a ‘nationwide network of installers’, as boasted by the well-known brands such as, is in no way proof that the job will be done quickly, accurately or to your satisfaction. And what do these “pile ’em high, sell ’em cheap” companies care? They will have your money and they will still have a continual stream of potential customers. If you cannot get them to produce a quotation, what hope do you have of convincing them to return to tidy up a shoddy job?

Spending a little extra money and time at the start will be worth it and should you be worried that a door specialist cannot supply windows too, it is likely that either they can turn their skills to windows or that they know a man who can.